Solar Electric Rebate Program


Solar Electric Rebate Program

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is a technology that converts sunlight into electricity. The use of solar energy can lower energy bills for Islanders, working hand-in-hand with other efficiency upgrades.

The solar program makes solar power more affordable than ever before by providing financial incentive for Island homeowners, farms and businesses to install solar PV panels.



To be eligible, the building must receive the residential rate on the electric bill.

To be eligible, the building must receive the general service 1 rate or the small industrial rate on the electric bill

Must be a non-residential building owned and operated by a bona fide farmer.


If you are interested in financing for the up-front costs of solar, learn more about the energy efficiency loan program.

Start by reaching out to a solar PV installer from the Network of Excellence.

  • Confirm eligibility (see terms and conditions on application form).
    Complete the application form with your installer and send it to efficiencyPEI with your most recent electric bill, along with a quote from your installer.
    Your application must be approved before installing equipment. Wait for your letter of acceptance before beginning any work.
    Once your work is complete, submit your paid receipts to efficiencyPEI.

View the list of contractors that offer solar electric rebates. You can search for a contractor by name or by the service they provide or you can view a list of contractors by county or by program by selecting an option from the "County" and "Program" fields.

The applicant must be the legal property owner, business owner and/or a bona-fide farmer to be eligible for the program. Eligible buildings include:

  • a residential property, no more than three stories high, with a footprint smaller than 600 m² (6458 ft²), or commercial building with an operating business, or a farm building owned and operated year round by a bona-fide farmer.
  • a single-family home, detached, side-by-side, row house or apartment building.
  • a manufactured or mobile home with have a permanent electrical utility connection.

Buildings must be habitable and structurally sound. New home construction is not eligible. Newly built homes must be occupied for at least six months before the solar install to be eligible for a rebate.

You must ensure that a solar PV system is eligible for net metering from your electric utility - Maritime Electric or the City of Summerside Electric Utility. The system must meet all applicable regulations under the Canadian Electrical Code and any additional provincial laws and regulations. The system must be supplied and installed by an efficiencyPEI Network of Excellence contractor.

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