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Homesol Building Services

Homesol Building Solutions delivers energy assessments, modelling, ratings, labels, and verified building energy solutions for residential new construction or retrofit projects for homeowners and home builders.

Existing Home Evaluations

You can transform your energy-hungry home into an energy-efficient one through many products and services available in your region.

Convert your home

A detailed assessment of your homes’ energy use with an emphasis and roadmap to improving comfort, lowering energy costs, and gaining access to federal, provincial, and municipal rebates.

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New Home Construction

When planning to build a new home or building it is important to get the details right at the design stage.

Build It Right

Homesol’s Registered Energy Advisors (REA) help homeowners, builders, renovators, architects, designers and developers meet energy standards.

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Multi-Unit Residential Building

Homesol’s Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB) specialists are qualified to evaluate, model, verify and test these types of buildings as a whole building or on an individual unit level.

Upgrade Your Building

We have the knowledge to help develop a great air barrier system for the whole building and for each individual unit.

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Other Services

Homesol Building Solutions also offers a range of other services designed to make your home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

More Specialities

These services include diagnostic testing with thermography, Zehnder ventilation commissioning, air barrier system design, and much more.

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Servicing Canada Coast-to-Coast

Starting in Ottawa in 1999, Homesol Building Solutions now services six provinces.


Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Rebates

In Ontario and across Canada, there are now several rebates available to home and business owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint and utility bills.

Federal Rebates

  • Available to residents in Canada who qualify for loans

  • Loans and rebates are made provided from the Federal Government

  • Homesol aids in the application process

federal rebates

Provincial Rebates

  • Provincial rebates are only available to the residents of the set province

  • Loans and rebates are made available by Provincial Governments

  • Homesol aids in the application process

provincial rebates

Municipal Rebates

  • Municipal rebates are only available to the residents of the set municipalities

  • Loans and rebates are made available by local governments

  • Homesol aids in the application process

municipal rebates

News from the Energy and Environmental Sectors

806, 2022

Ontario EAs Now Service MURBs

June 8th, 2022|Energy Advisors, MURBs|

Multi-Unit Residential Buildings It's official! Homesol Building Solutions now has Energy Advisors who specialize in servicing and assessing Multi-Unit Residential Buildings or MURBs as they are also known. There are many rebates available in the Canada Greener Homes Grant exclusively for MURBs,

2405, 2022

Better Homes Kingston Loan Program

May 24th, 2022|Programs, Updates|

Better Homes Kingston Kingston homeowners are now eligible for a zero-interest loan for home energy efficiency improvements. Better Homes Kingston is a local improvement charge (LIC) financing program to encourage homeowners to undertake deep-energy retrofits. Homeowners who participate in the program will

Our Customers Say

“I used Homesol twice now for a home energy assessment. The technicians were very helpful and thorough and provided some tips and tricks for saving on home energy costs.”

Shannon O'Connell - Homeowner

“Over the past 5 years, I have referred Homesol to hundreds of homeowners and builders without a single complaint. Stephen is the most experienced Energy Advisor in the region and highly recommend their services.”

Matthew Pedersen - HVAC Designer

“I just had my energy assessed and was very impressed by how courteous, professional and quick these guys were. I will recommend friends and family. I look forward to dealing with this company in the future.”

Julie Assels - Homeowner

“The advisors were thoughtful, polite and very professional. We were pleased with the experience. From the office, Debra was an invaluable facilitator.”

Brian - Homeowner

Greener Homes Grant

The Federal Government of Canada has implemented a new program to help homeowners across Canada to make home upgrades so their homes can be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The Canada Greener Homes Grant makes $5,000 available to help homeowners make energy-efficient retrofits to their homes, such as better insulation. The grant also includes $600 for an EnerGuide evaluation for homeowners to plan for retrofits. Homesol is fully capable of providing EnerGuide evaluations and we have been doing so for more than 20 years.

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Better Homes Ottawa – Loan Program

The City of Ottawa is piloting a loan program for up to three years for home energy efficiency retrofits, to support local residents to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Zero-interest loan rates are expected to be available for 1-2 years while resources are available. The program offers zero-interest, 20-year loans of up to $125,000 to cover the cost of home energy improvements like thermal envelope upgrades , mechanical systems, renewable energy (solar photovoltaic systems), EV chargers (Level 2), and the addition of rental suites (up to a maximum of 30% of the value of the loan).

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Canada’s first Net-Zero Community

We are proud to be the Net-Zero advisors for Land Ark Homes, which is currently building Canada’s first Net-Zero community in Westport, Ontario.

Energy Experts

We deliver energy assessments, modelling, ratings, labels, and verified building energy solutions for residential new construction or retrofit projects.

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