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Here at Homesol, we’re doing our part in decarbonizing buildings to make for a greener future. As a leader in energy assessment and guidance for buildings, our goal is to help your commercial projects reach their maximum potential. This can vary from assessing building’s envelope, to evaluating and comparing the efficiencies of HVAC systems, to navigating available funding for your projects.

Implementing energy conservation measures can appear to be a financial burden at first. But several programs such as the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s MLI Select Program (download file for more info), New Brunswick Power’s New Construction Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program, and Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Commercial New Construction Program exist to increase accessibility to improved building efficiency. Our experts are here to guide you towards the appropriate programs and walk you through the application process. Clients of ours not only enjoy reduced upfront costs as a result of these programs, but also reduced operating costs over the life of their buildings.

Whether you’re planning a new commercial construction or thinking of retrofitting an existing building, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to lead you through the process. We’re committed to helping you achieve the highest standards of energy efficiency, thus contributing to a healthier planet that ultimately leads to significant cost savings and enhanced property values for your business.

With services in Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces, Homesol is here to guide your business in making smart and sustainable choices. Together we can create a commercial property that not only meets stringent energy standards but also sets the standard for the future of sustainable business. We look forward to partnering with you and helping your commercial project thrive

Commercial services
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