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You are at the right place! Homesol Building Solutions Inc. delivers energy assessments, modelling, ratings, labels, and verified building energy solutions for residential new construction or retrofit projects for homeowners and home builders.

We can inform, guide and/or assist you in the process of doing retrofits on your homes in order to qualify for The Canada Greener Homes Loan (up to $40,000.)

We also verify your eligibility in qualifying for Clean Energy Improvement Program in Alberta.



You can call us to guide you step-by-step though the entire process or you can apply for the grant and than contact us to do your required pre-retrofit energy assessment.

We check the efficiency of your home and tell you which upgrades would be beneficial. Then you can select the contractors to complete your retrofits. After they are all completed, you will contact us again to schedule your post-retrofit inspection. Following this process, we will calculate the amount of grant for you to receive. This is not a random number but well-defined process.

After the post-retrofit evaluation/assessment/audit we submit the application to Greener Canada Federal program and support you though the process until you receive the grant.

When you have a Homesol Energy Advisor come to do an evaluation on your home, they’re using the EnerGuide Rating System developed by Natural Resources Canada, which is an essential part of energy efficiency grant and loan programs.

Regional partners and Licensed Service Organizations such as Homesol use this rating system to evaluate the energy performance of your home and make recommendations that will provide you with the information to make your house more comfortable with less energy waste, which will get it closer to Net Zero energy.

The Energy Advisor will begin by taking measurements & photos of your home both inside and outside.

The blower door test is next, to determine the air tightness of the house. While the house is being depressurized, the Energy Advisor will show you where the air leaks are around your home so that you can visualize where the energy is being wasted.

After completion of the home evaluation, your Energy Advisor will complete the energy report within two weeks, emailing you an EnerGuide label, a homeowner information sheet, and a renovation upgrade report, which will be submitted to Natural Resources Canada.

The report will provide you with information that can help you determine which upgrades will have the biggest impact on providing a more comfortable house that also reduces energy waste.

Not only are you improving your house but you are also saving on your energy consumption, your bills and reducing your carbon footprint.
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