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New Home Construction Services

When embarking on the journey to construct a new home or building, precision in design is paramount. At Homesol Building Solutions, our team of Registered Energy Advisors (REA) plays a pivotal role in ensuring that homeowners, builders, renovators, architects, designers, and developers achieve compliance with energy standards and programs. We go beyond meeting local building codes; our expertise extends to internationally recognized benchmarks such as ENERGY STAR for New Homes, R-2000, CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program, Passive House International, and PHIUS+ Climate Specific Standard.

In line with the global commitment to sustainability, Homesol is dedicated to supporting the Net Zero goal by 2050.By choosing our services, you are not just ensuring compliance with current standards but also investing in a future where environmentally conscious construction is a cornerstone of responsible building practices.

Join us in shaping a sustainable tomorrow, one construction project at a time

New Home Contruction

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