Net Zero

Net zero

Evaluation Of The House

New Construction – an energy model is created using the construction drawings or sketches, and evaluated to show how the project can achieve Net Zero (ready).

Existing – a home energy evaluation is completed in which the Energy Advisor measures and documents the current state of the home, including performing an airtightness test and looking for significant air leaks. An energy model is created and the home is “upgraded” to Net Zero (ready).


CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program

Homesol Building Solutions offers Net Zero Consulting services to builders, renovators and homeowners looking to achieve Net Zero for their houses and buildings.
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NZE Housing Council

The CHBA, the voice of Canada’s residential construction industry since 1943, established a Net Zero Energy (NZE) Housing Council in 2014 to guide its efforts in high-performance housing. The 53 Founding Members were selected for their demonstrated competence and experience in NZE or R-2000 housing as well as their knowledge or capability in specialized areas important to advancing NZE housing.
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Net Zero Cost

Significant strides have been made over the last 5 to 10 years by industry innovators. This has reduced the additional costs of Net Zero Homes by as much as 50% – and in many cases we’re now able to achieve cost neutrality when operating costs are considered. This means that the extra cost of Net Zero Homes can be off-set by the monthly energy savings – at net-zero monthly cost!
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Consumer Information

Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes offer whole-house comfort, excellent indoor air quality, and superior energy performance using proven advanced technologies and construction practices. The result is a superior quality home that exceeds current and anticipated building code requirements. Each Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Home is verified by government-licensed third-party Service Organizations and recognized by CHBA for its achievement.

Net Zero Consulting

Throughout the course of the project, we are available for consultation from building science principles to material and mechanical choices, using the energy model as a guide. Any confirmed choices are updated in the energy model and the results are presented to the project team.

Mid-Construction Airtightness Test

We recommend airtightness testing of the air barrier as early and as often as possible With the air barrier accessible, we are able to find potential leaks so they can be sealed before they are covered up.

Final Test, Verification, Submission Of File & Issuing Of Applicable Labels.

Close to the end of the project when everything is installed, we perform a final airtightness test and verify all the mechanicals that have been installed have been modelled. The energy model is updated and submitted, and the labels and/or certificates are issued.

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