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Homesol’s expertise extends seamlessly into the realm of Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs). Our specialized team is not only qualified but excels in the comprehensive evaluation, modeling, verification, and testing of these complex structures—whether analyzing the building as a whole or delving into the intricacies of individual units. Recognizing the unique challenges posed by MURBs, we bring to the table a wealth of knowledge aimed at assisting in the development of robust air barrier systems tailored for both the entire building and each distinct unit.

Armed with cutting-edge tools and technical proficiency, Homesol is well-equipped to conduct rigorous air tightness testing on large MURBs. Our capabilities extend further to include compartmentalization testing on individual units, ensuring that each living space within the building meets and exceeds the stringent standards for energy efficiency and indoor air quality. By choosing Homesol, you are not only investing in our technical prowess but also securing a commitment to excellence in optimizing the energy performance and sustainability of Multi-Unit Residential Buildings. Partner with us to elevate the efficiency and environmental consciousness of your multi-unit construction projects.

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