Solar Colchester


Eligible Projects

Solar PV (photovoltaic) projects on residential properties with up to four units are eligiblefor financing. Please give us a call to confirm eligibility.
Solar Colchester


Have your project pay for itself through energy savings!

On average, installing a solar system will save you $130 /month in energy and it will cost $110/month in financing.

Do you qualify for our Low-Income Administration Fee Exemption?

To better serve low-income residents of Colchester County, the efforts have expanded to make Cozy Colchester and Solar Colchester programs more accessible. The 5% administration fee will be waived for all qualifying households with incomes below the following thresholds:

Household Size

Maximum Net Household Income
(Line 236 of Notice Assessment)
1 person
2 to 4 people
5 or more people

Contact us for more information.

Homeowners eligible for the Low-Income Admin Fee Exemption may also be eligible for free home upgrades through Efficiency Nova Scotia’s HomeWarming program, see here more info, click here

Combine with other Incentives

You could be eligible for federal or provincial rebates to support your project, initiatives such Greener Homes Canada and Solar Homes Nova Scotia.

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