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LEED Gold R-2000 Home: Elliott Residence and Soap Bubble Greenhouse

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Perth, Ontario

Winner of EnerQuality Green Renovation Project of the Year 2016, this owner-built rural project located in McDonalds Corners can be a single family home, duplex with rental unit, or a residence with commercial kitchen and public space for “unintentional community”. This retrofit/addition of a 600 SF 1930s farmhouse is Certified LEED® for Homes Gold, GreenHouse, R-2000 and ENERGY STAR, and demonstrates that the owners of Homesol Building Solutions do indeed “walk the talk” and live by example.

A high-efficiency Tarm wood boiler with a water-to-water geothermal backup in the adjacent strawbale outbuilding provides heat to a 3500 liter thermal storage tank, which is then distributed throughout both buildings via radiant floor and wall panels. The renewable carbon-neutral biofuel for the boiler is sourced free on-site from the 5-acre maple sugarbush, contributing 48% of the home’s projected total annual energy consumption of 23.7 MJ/m2.

The environmentally-preferable materials for the building were chosen due to their beauty, durability, fire resistance and low maintenance. The curved walls of the café use true R-40 ICFs for ease of installation, mass and continuous insulation, while other walls employ advanced framing with FSC certified wood and 5/8” firecode drywall for mass throughout. The existing house and side addition were clad with cement board siding, while the café’s walls have a granite facing that was sourced within 800 kms from the site. Metal roofing was chosen as a long lasting material that is fully recyclable at the end of its lifespan, with unvented soffits for enhanced fire safety. Year-round organic permaculture food production is provided in the gardens, orchard and adjacent 1500 SF soap bubble insulated and shaded greenhouse.

Label/Certification:  R-2000/LEED GoldHeating Load:  30,400 BTU/hr
Location: McDonalds Corners, OntarioCooling Demand: 2.0 kWh/(m².a)
Year Completed: 2014Primary Energy: 89 kWh/(m².a)
Designer/Architect: Linda Chapman ArchitectureAirtightness: <1.0 ACH
HVAC: TBDSlab: Concrete/XPS R-30 Slab on grade, R-10 Below grade
Builder: 4Stye Design BuildAbove Grade Walls: ICF/SPF/2×6+XPS R-45
Above Grade Floor Area: 1,025 ft²/95 metres²Below Grade Walls: ICF R-32
Below Grade Floor Area: 1,025²/95 metres²Ceiling: Wood rafters/SPF/XPS R-60
Heat Demand: 37.06 kWh/(m².a)Ventilation:  Vanee ERV 90H-V ECM SRE 67%
Windows: Fibretech SHGC = 0.60 Ug = 0.91 W/(m²K)Heating/Cooling: High-Efficiency Wood Boiler with Ground Source Heat Pump as back-up
Hot Water: Instantaneous PropaneRenewables: Solar Ready

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Home retrofitted for LEED Canada for Homes certification

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