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Better Homes Kingston – Loan Program

Better Homes Kingston Program is a one-stop portal for Kingston residents to help them make their homes more energy-efficient and climate-friendly

Kingston homeowners are now eligible for a zero-interest loan for home energy efficiency improvements. Better Homes Kingston is a local improvement charge (LIC) financing program to encourage homeowners to undertake deep-energy retrofits. Homeowners who participate in the program will qualify for up to $40,000 loans at 0 per cent interest, with the option for an initial 30 per cent upfront to pre-pay contractors for your services. This project is carried out with assistance from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund, an endowment created by the Government of Canada.

    • How, why, and where to start to retrofit your home for energy savings
    • Information on the Better Homes Kingston Program, incentives, and rebates to help you get the work done!
    • Services that will help you choose the right home improvements for your home.
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How to get Started

Complete an application form at the City of Kingston.

Work with an Energy Coach (Energy Advisor) one-on-one.

Renovate & upgrade!

Repay the no-interest property loan at any time without penalty or over a period of up to 20 years.

Receive support up to access additional incentives to offset your costs.!

Why is Home Energy Efficiency Important?

Eligibility Requirements

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The dwelling is a single-family residential building: detached houses, semi-detached houses, or row houses.


All registered owner(s) of the property must consent to participate in the program.

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The home must have a property tax account with the City and all property taxes, utility bills and other payment obligations to the City must be in good standing.

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The homeowner must notify its mortgage lender (if applicable) of its intention to participate in the Better Homes Kingston Program.

Eligible Home Upgrades

Attic, walls, foundation, and basement insulation and associated requirements such as attic ventilation, foundation drainage and waterproofing; air barriers; window, skylights and exterior door replacements; tubular daylighting devices and exterior window shadings or films; air-sealing and weather stripping.

Thermostats and controllers, energy or heat recovery ventilators, air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, biomass wood-pellet heaters, heat distribution systems, duct sealing, fans, and associated electrical equipment as required.

High-efficiency water heaters (i.e. heat pumps, electric water tanks, etc.), drain water heat recovery systems, and solar hot water systems.

Solar photovoltaic systems, electric vehicle charging stations (Level 2), battery storage devices, and associated electrical and load management equipment, including but not limited to, electric thermal storage.

This might include items like electrical wiring and panel upgrades that are required undertakings to permit energy improvements.

Such as back-flow prevention valves, sump pumps, and basement waterproofing. (These instructions).

Permanently affixed lighting, lighting controls, and new energy-efficient (certified) products will be considered as additional eligible technologies.

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