Building Science

Building science is what keeps you comfy, healthy and dry, in homes that don’t stink, grow stuff or fall apart. It can be summed up in one word: HAM.

Heat, Air and Moisture. Getting all three right makes homes safer, more durable and energy-efficient. Getting any one of them wrong can lead to complaints and expensive building failures. New codes and materials, thicker insulation, tighter construction and more efficient mechanical systems are all making homes more complicated. Wet assemblies, rotting structures, bad air quality or occupant comfort complaints can be the result.

Good building science advice isn’t cheap, it’s priceless. Helping you make the right choices can save you money, not cost you.

How Homesol Can Help

Homesol gets building science. We understand how heat energy behaves and how to control it. We know how to make air move when we want to, and stop it when we don’t. We can direct how water vapour travels and where it condenses, and make sure bulk water runs down and out so assemblies stay dry.

We realize occupants sense whether a home is comfortable by more than just air temperature, so we consider radiant asymmetry, relative humidity and fresh air movement. We keep houses and people healthy and happy. We help you avoid problems.

If you’ve already got issues in your homes and want to know why they happened and how to make them go away, we’re your house doctor. We’ll diagnose the problem, apply our building science experience and prescribe home remedies. Give us a call for constructive solutions to your building science issues.

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