Switch Municipality of Pictou County


Program Summary

Switch MOPC empowers homeowners to embrace a sustainable future by providing accessible and innovative financing solutions for energy efficient home upgrades.Switch MOPC is now be taking quotes for all types of energy efficient home upgrades! These upgrades include Heat Pumps, Solar PV, Windows and Doors, Insulation and more!

Switch Municipality of Pictou County

Why should you participate in the Switch MOPC Program?

How do I participate?

Contact Homesol to assist you. Your first step is booking a Home Energy Assessment with Homesol. You also can start researching local contractors and obtaining their quote.
Switch MOPC program will then review your project f it meets all program criteria we will your authorize contractor to proceed, and we’ll pay contractor once you’re happy with the work.


Combine with other Incentives and Financing

You could be eligible for up to $10,000 in incentives from Efficiency NS

Up to $5,000 in grants through the new Federal Greener Homes Program! https://homesolbuildingsolutions.com/federal-rebates/

An additional $5,000 is available for heat pumps through the “Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program”! https://homesolbuildingsolutions.com/federal-rebates/

We’ll ensure you take advantage of all existing incentives available!

Use your Switch MOPC loan to act as bridge financing to the 0% Federal Greener Homes Loan!

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