Commercial Passive House Project: Le Belvedere

Canadian commercial Passive House project, Le Belvedere
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Le Belvédère‘s extraordinary location with its panoramic views, picturesque gardens, cliff-top gazebo, and world-class dining facilities set the stage for a storybook wedding. It is conveniently located 25 minutes outside of Ottawa, in the quaint town of Wakefield, Quebec for corporate and special events.

The building is split into two levels. The main level has the grand dining hall, bar and kitchen. The lower level’s theatre is host to smaller events. The mechanical room and most of the washrooms are also located here.

What was the owner’s intention in creating this building to these standards?

The heating system had not been installed before the building’s first winter, but that didn’t matter because the entire building was able to maintain 18C with one 800W plug in heater. This, along with 100% LEDs for the lights, has attributed to a 90% reduction in total energy costs when compared to similar types of buildings in the area.

Building Specifications

LOCATION Wakefield, QC
TYPE Special events center
DATE 2013
TFA 704.7 m²
HEAT DEMAND 15 kWh/(m²a)
PE 117 kWh/(m²a)
AIR TIGHTNESS 0.58 ACH50 (Final test to be completed soon)
VOLUME 3050 m³
SLAB Concrete/EPS U = 0.110 W/m2K (R-52)
WALL (TYP) Panalized Wood studs U = 0.086 W/m²K (R-66)
WALL (FNDN) Concrete/EPS/Studs U = 0.075 W/m²K (R-76)
CEILING Wood truss/Cellulose U = 0.051W/m²K (R-111)
VENTILATION Ultimate Air 2000DX Eff. 96% (75% acc. to PHA)
WINDOWS Gaulhofer Fusionline G = 0.49 Ug = 0.6 W/(m²K)
Uf = 0.91 W/(m²K)
DOORS Gaulhofer Exclusive Plus Ud = 0.87 W/(m²K)
HEATING Mitsubishi S Series with 4-way Cassettes
OWNER Brian Fewster
BUILDER Mike Urichuck (Wakefield Construction)
STRUCTURAL Jeff Armstrong (DAC International)
CONSULTANTS Stephen Magneron & Ross Elliott (Homesol)
CERTIFIER Bob Ryan (Passive House Academy)

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