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Homesol – Sample Projects

Below are just a few examples of projects on which we have served as consultants.

These are not simply “passive solar” buildings, although they optimize passive solar gain without overheating. They are not necessarily zero or positive-energy buildings, although their smaller energy footprint makes adding renewables for future carbon neutrality and perhaps even electric vehicle charging much easier. They may initially cost more to build, but are superior to standard construction on both a monthly cost of ownership and investment / resale basis, with energy savings of 65% – 100%+ better than Code.

These buildings are not just standard construction with more insulation tacked on. High-performance energy savings requires precise building science to analyze heat, air and moisture movement, and stringent third-party quality-assured criteria to measure success. They are verified throughout design and construction, including energy modeling, inspections and testing, often followed by as-operated monitoring. When labeled or certified, they are demonstrably more resilient, durable and sustainable, making these invisible attributes even more valuable.

Passive House

Grey Residence: Passive House (Manotick, Ontario, Canada)

Ottawa Passive House - Grey ResidenceStretched over three floors, including a walk-out basement/office, the building’s east-west axis is able to take full advantage of the high solar gains through the Thermotech windows.

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Rideau Residence: Passive House / LEED Platinum (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Ottawa passive house, Rideau residence

The Rideau Residence did not set out to be the First Residential Certified Passive House in Canada back in 2010 (a year after the Austria Haus in Whistler). It wasn’t until the impressive 0.57 ACH air test that the idea of Passive House certification for this LEED Platinum home came to the fore.

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Casa Tortuga: Passive House (Lyndhurst, Ontario, Canada)

Canadian passive house, Casa TortugaNestled in the trees overlooking the water near Black Rapids, the site is challenged with the balance VERT of natural beauty and energy savings through resilient design.

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Dufferin Residence: Passive House Addition & EnerPHit Retrofit (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Certified passive house addition, Dufferin ResidenceThe Dufferin Residence will be a Certified Passive House addition and EnerPHit retrofit to a heritage listed building, compounding the challenges for this project.

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Blackman Residence: Passive House / Rammed Earth (Huntsville, Ontario, Canada)

Huntsville residence, rammed earthLocated just outside of Huntsville, Ontario this will be the first Certified Passive House Rammed Earth project. James Blackman is the owner/builder of this inspirational building who is the co-founder of Tapial Homes, specializing in high performing Rammed Earth construction.

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Le Belvedere wedding venue (Wakefield, Quebec, Canada)

Le Belvedere wedding venueThese wedding venue is a superb example of a near net-Zero Energy Passive House commercial project.

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LEED Canada for Homes

Elliott Residence (McDonalds Corners, Ontario, Canada)

Ottawa area LEED Canada certified homeThis owner-built rural home located in McDonalds Corners is both a private residence and vegetarian cafe. It is a retrofit/addition of a 1930s farmhouse and is Certified LEED® for Homes Gold, R-2000 and ENERGY STAR.

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