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Carlington, Ontario

RND Farmside

First Net-Zero Ready Neighbour in Ottawa

Right near the Experimental Farm in Carlington, is Ottawa’s first Net-Zero home development project by RND Construction. In this new development, nine homes were built (3 singles, 6 semis) above and beyond the code for homes in Canada, making them extremely energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and Net-Zero ready. The addition of solar panels will make them true Net-Zero.

These homes have received several labels and certifications including EnerGuide, ESNH, R-2000, and are all Net-Zero ready. All the homes heating and cooling systems are managed by energy-efficient air-source Dettson heat pumps, and the AeroBarrier was completed by Airtight Home Technologies. This is the first net-zero ready community in the Ottawa area.

Label/Certification: EnerGuide, ESNH, R-2000, NZ ready

Heating Load: BTU/hr

Location: Ottawa, ON
Cooling Demand: BTU/hr ( tons)
Year Completed: 2021

EnerGuide Rating: 82 kWh/(m².a)

Designer/Architect: Hobin Architects

Airtightness: ACH, CFM/ft2 (NLR), in2/100 ft2 (NLA)


Slab: R-10
Above Grade Walls:R-24 + R-5ci
Above Grade Floor Area: ft2
Below Grade Walls: R-22 + R-15ci
Below Grade Floor Area: ft2
Ceiling: R-60
Heat Demand: TBD
Ventilation: vanEE V150E75NS ERV SRE 75%
Windows: Dalmen U-1.25, 0.41
Heating/Cooling: Dettson – Supreme and Alize (CCASHP) with Dettson Smart Duct System
Hot Water: Rheem – Proterra Hybride Heat Pump Water Heater UEF 3.75

AeroBarrier: Airtight Home Tech

Drain Water Heat Recovery: Thermo Drain TDH3335B 42.1% Efficient

Total Conditioned Floor Area: ft2


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