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Interested in a Home Energy Assessment?

Federal Rebates are rebates or grants provided to homeowners and home builders qualifying homeowners and home builders all across Canada. The funds are made available so a homeowner can make energy-efficient and environmentally friendly upgrades to their home, without having to go into debt to make meaningful changes. Before you can apply for a rebate you need to have an Energy Advisor conduct an Energy Assessment of your home or building to see what upgrades your home can apply for. Homesol Building Solutions has been conducting energy assessments since 1999 with Energy Advisors in all four provinces we operate in. Make sure to book your energy assessment today to get started!

To help homeowners and build on these measures, the 2021 Federal Budget proposed $4.4 billion over 5 years, starting in 2021-2022 to help up to 200,000 homeowners complete deep home retrofits through interest-free loans of up to $40,000. These interest-free loans cover the costs of many different types of home-energy retrofits. This includes replacing oil or low-efficiency furnaces with more modern and environmentally friendly systems, adding on-site solar panel systems, and more.

  • Replacing oil furnaces or low-efficiency systems with a high efficiency furnace, air source heat pump, or geothermal heat pump

  • Better wall or basement insulation and/or wall or roof panels

  • Installing a high-efficiency water heater or on-site renewable energy like solar panels

  • Replacing drafty windows and doors

These measures are expected to be in place by mid-year 2021. If you want to secure your loan this year, make sure to book an energy assessment with Homesol Building Solutions below!

The Federal Government of Canada has implemented a new program to help homeowners across Canada to make home upgrades so their homes can be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The Canada Greener Homes Grant makes $5,000 available to help homeowners make energy-efficient retrofits to their homes, such as better insulation. The grant also includes $600 for an EnerGuide evaluation for homeowners to plan for retrofits. Homesol is fully capable of providing EnerGuide evaluations and we have been doing so for more than 20 years. There are many details about this grant, so we have a whole separate page for it! Learn more in detail about the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

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