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Westport, Ontario

In Westport Ontario, is Canada’s first net-zero community being built by Land Ark Homes. Homesol is Land Ark’s net-zero energy advisor. We’ve been helping Landark since the inception of this community. We’ve been consulting with them on the performance aspects and the building science aspects of designing the house from insulation levels to airtightness details to mechanical specs.

Below are the specs for the model above that is completely net-zero thanks to solar panels installed on the roof. But each homes’ numbers rate very similarly as they are designed with net-zero energy loss in mind. Every home in the community will be built to be solar-ready so once sold the homeowner’s have the ability to easily add a solar panel system on the roof to live in a complete net-zero home.

Label/Certification: EnerGuide, ESNH, NZHeating Load: 16,000 BTU/hr
Location: Westport, ONCooling Demand: 7,900 BTU/hr (0.7 tons)
Year Completed: 2021 – OngoingEnerGuide Rating: 44 GJ/yr
Designer/Architect: Land Ark HomesAirtightness: 0.83 ACH, 0.06 CFM/ft2 (NLR), 0.68 in2/100 ft2 (NLA)
HVAC: Slab: R-12
Builder: Land Ark HomesAbove Grade Walls: R-22 + R-7.5ci
Above Grade Floor Area: 1109 ft2Below Grade Walls: R-22 + R-7.5ci
Below Grade Floor Area: 1109 ft2Ceiling: R-60
Heat Demand: Ventilation: vanEE V150E75NS ERV SRE 75%
Windows: Jeld-Wen U-1.08, SHGC 0.18Heating/Cooling: Dettson – Supreme and Alize (CCASHP) with Dettson Smart Duct System
Hot Water: Rheem – Proterra Hybride Heat Pump Water Heater UEF 3.75Renewables: Execon Roofing and Solar
AeroBarrier: Airtight Home TechDrain Water Heat Recovery: Thermo Drain TDH3335B 42.1% Efficient

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