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Energy guidance for production builders

You’re a production builder. You hand over the keys to new units every week, your jobsites run like clockwork, and your mantra is predictability and cost control. You juggle dozens of trades and hundreds of details every day, and the last thing you need is an energy performance speed bump.

Everyone on site needs to be safe, on time and fit seamlessly with your construction process. No holdups, no hassles, no mistakes.

Where can you find a reliable, professional energy evaluation company that fits your process? Relax, we’ll take care of everything.

  • One-call or one-click scheduling
  • Fast, accurate energy modeling and ratings
  • Practical, cost-effective assemblies, systems and builder options packages
  • Professional site inspections, problem solving and building diagnostics
  • Complete behind-the-scenes documentation and file administration
  • Speedy label and certificate delivery
  • ENERGY STAR, EnerGuide Rating System, R-2000, LEED, Passive House and Net-Zero Energy Homes
  • Code compliance, blower door tests, Energy Efficiency Design Summaries
Air leakage testing by Homesol
Rely on our qualified, experienced team to undertake air leakage testing and more.

Homesol’s fully insured and qualified Energy Advisors have practical construction experience, and are trained in jobsite safety.

We work with Eastern Ontario’s top production builders, and we labelled the first ENERGY STAR home in Canada in 2005. We deliver the capacity and building knowledge you need to effectively achieve your energy targets, on any size project or development.

First Steps

Tell us about your projects, your challenges, your buyer’s expectations and your company’s objectives.

We’ll fill you in on standards, certifications and incentives. Provide you with a simple process and all-inclusive, builder-discount pricing. Develop value-optimized construction and HVAC details to suit your needs.

Then we’ll get underway testing, documenting and certifying all your homes, to help you succeed with value-added, higher efficiency standards. Simple as that!

Buyers equate certified energy efficiency with quality!

Homesol helps builders sell more units, with greater savings, higher comfort, fewer call-backs and better customer satisfaction. For your success with ENERGY STAR, EnerGuide, Net Zero and other building standards, count on Homesol. Get in touch with us today!

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We can help you qualify for up to $100,000 in Savings by Design rebates for your next 50 homes!

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