Energy guidance for policymakers

Ultimately the role of legislators is to improve both quality of life and the environment. There’s a tsunami of transformation in buildings coming that few in the industry expect, and even fewer are ready for. Homesol is here to help you lead the way forward. Climate change is real, and better buildings are part of the solution.

You know that with the right policies and incentives, neighborhoods can produce more energy than they use, with healthier, more comfortable occupants, who will have more energy savings in their pockets to benefit local economies, while living in homes with zero emissions.

Our institutional memory goes way back to buying our first blower door when the older Trudeau was Prime Minister. Our consultants have decades of experience and building knowledge to help you transform the future of housing to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation. We can assist with:

• housing policies, standards and codes
• certifications, labels & programs
• workforce training & education

Ottawa passive house, Rideau residence
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Homes of Tomorrow will be “Teslas, not Hummers”!

Simpler, smarter and more energy efficient homes are coming. Be ready, call Homesol.

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Photo credit: Citizens Housing Planning Council, New York

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