Energy guidance for homeowners

Want to live in a greener, more efficient home? Tired of high heating bills and drafty rooms? Hydro costs getting you down? Ready to take action, but don’t know where to start?

Homesol provides energy-savings solutions for your new or existing home, delivering consistent comfort and lower cost of ownership. For professional advice you can count on, contact Homesol today!

  • Save money – reduce home energy costs year-round
  • Enjoy comfort and quiet – a tight, well-insulated home is a pleasure to come home to
  • Protect your family’s health – better ventilation delivers continuously clean, fresh air
  • Future-proof your investment – a home with lower energy bills has higher resale value
  • Reduce your footprint – comfortable, energy-efficient homes are easier on the Earth

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Our process

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Building a new home? We also provide consultancy on new builds > read more.

First, we listen. Tell us about your ice damming, musty basements, chilly rooms, leaky windows or ridiculous energy bills. Talk to us about your goals for your new or existing home. Let us know how far along the green spectrum you’re aiming for, and how much you’d like to reduce your energy costs.

We’ll apply our certified expertise, training and 35 years of industry experience to deliver fully customized, cost-effective, building-science-based solutions tailored specifically to your needs, and help you avoid pitfalls along the way.

We measure and inspect every aspect of your home’s thermal envelope, including floors, foundations, walls, roofs, windows and doors. Then we check heating, cooling, hot water and ventilation equipment efficiencies, and consider any unusual electrical loads.

Air Leakage Testing for Homes
Rely on our qualified, experienced team to undertake air leakage testing and more.

Using a large calibrated fan called a “blower door” (a tool we have been using since 1980), we can measure and locate hidden air leaks in your home. Every house is different, only a blower door test will calculate how big the combined holes in your house are.

We also have high resolution, professional-grade infrared thermal imaging cameras and smoke generators to help us with more complex building diagnostics.

Combining our in-depth building knowledge with advanced energy modeling software, we’ll show exactly where your money is leaking out of your home. We’ll determine your insulation “sweet spot” for all parts of your home and tell you how you can get there most economically, and we’ll also make sure you get the best bang for your buck on air sealing, windows & doors, mechanical systems and other energy retrofits.

Homesol provides you with a prioritized report to make your transition to a more comfortable, energy-saving home easier, simply start at the top of your upgrade list and work your way down. A Homesol client is also a lifetime client, we’ll always be here when you need us for follow-up questions!

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A better home is possible!

For the best in home comfort, energy savings and sustainability, count on Homesol’s experienced Certified Energy Advisors for expert advice. Get in touch with us today!

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