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You’re responsible for aesthetics and functionality inside and out. Your clients demand comfort and durability, but hygrothermal number crunching really isn’t your thing.

You design living spaces where occupants, daylight, air and energies flow. You can sense what a room will feel like just from the paper plans. You’re an expert on Code requirements, floor areas and structural details.

You believe in building science, not science projects. You’re all for creative, greener homes that give occupants a better quality of life: healthy air, year-round comfort, lower (or zero!) energy costs and a more sustainable carbon footprint. But it all has to be within your client’s budget.

You have questions about high-performance homes. How do you decide on the best insulation, what kinds of windows, what sorts of HVAC and where to put the air barrier? Where can you find the latest proven, affordable energy-saving assemblies, products and strategies? How do you predict and prevent expensive building failures? Will third-party testing, documentation and certification really add value to the project? Are there financial incentives and proven benefits for building sustainable homes that exceed Code? Talk to us, we have answers.

Ottawa passive house, Rideau residence
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Homesol delivers building solutions. We calculate comfort, quantify environmental impact and model energy costs at the design stage, through multiple iterations of your thermal assemblies and mechanical choices. We help you dial in on the best building details long before you break ground. We can:

  • specify environmentally-preferable materials and techniques;
  • calculate room-by-room heating and cooling loads;
  • provide the energy design documentation needed for permit; and
  • compare all your green building options.

We can even provide third-party on-site verification during construction and on completion, to assure your final design performs as intended.

Code compliance: SB-12, EEDS, MVDS, F280-12, HVAC design, etc.
Program compliance: ENERGY STAR, EnerGuide Rating System, R-2000, LEED, Passive House, Net-Zero Energy Homes, Living Building Challenge, etc.
Heat, air & moisture movement: Our building science expertise prevents building failure
Green, energy efficient details: the most cost-effective assemblies & materials
Better environmental design legacy: future generations will thank you!

Our process

Let’s get together and talk, your place or ours. Or by video conference. We cover all of North America.

Tell us how we can help you. Explain what sort of environmental and comfort goals you and your clients are stretching for. See how our role integrates with your design process, learn how Homesol adds value to your project, and explore which certifications might best suit your plans.

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“The best way to predict the future is to design it” – Buckminster Fuller

Create the homes of tomorrow. Collaborate with Homesol’s green building and energy conservation consultants today. Get in touch with us!

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