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You build great homes, but there’s always more to learn, limits to stretch for the next one. Buyers demand better value. Building codes and products keep changing. Energy efficiency targets keep moving. Who can you count on to know the most buildable and affordable energy savings solutions?

Ask Homesol. When you need reliable, hassle-free and accurate energy design and green building advice, we’re your best choice. We understand builders, because we’ve been builders. We’ll ensure you meet higher energy efficiency targets, on-time and without complications. We’ll make it easy, give us a call or book on-line instantly! 

Our services include

Homesol delivers practical advice, energy saving solutions and third-party certifications for homebuilders. Give your buyers greater comfort, lower ownership costs and a healthier environment, we’ll help you get there. For professional energy consulting you can count on, contact Homesol today.

First Steps

Ottawa passive house, Rideau residence
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First project with us? Simply call our office. No voice mail purgatory here, you’ll talk to a real person. Or send an e-mail, we’ll get right back to you.

Tell us about your project, and what levels of efficiency and sustainability you’re aiming for. We’ll put together your scope of work and builder options packages, with all-inclusive contract pricing to meet your needs, then we’ll get started seamlessly delivering quality-assured savings and sustainability for all your homes. Simple as that.

Our leading-edge, fully-certified team of consultants are at your service. We’ll help find you the best building solutions for whatever targets you choose.

One-call or instant on-line scheduling. Fast, accurate energy modeling and home energy ratings. Practical assemblies, systems and green building options. Complete documentation and file administration. Stress-free site inspections, testing and verification. Speedy label and certificate delivery every time. All fully integrated with your design and construction process!

Higher energy performance is here

Change is inevitable, new Codes are making old methods obsolete. Stay ahead of the curve. Connect with Homesol today.

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