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Ontario Home Energy Conservation Program

Brought to you by Enbridge, the IESO and the Ontario government’s Climate Change Action Plan! Book your Ontario Home Energy Conservation Program home energy assessment on-line now, choose your own date & time!
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Would you like to qualify for up to $6,530 in incentives from the new Ontario Home Energy Conservation Program, including a fully paid-for professional Homesol home energy assessment? 

Are you a homeowner or landlord anywhere within these Eastern Ontario regions?

  • Ottawa Region, including Arnprior, Almonte, Carleton Place and Kemptville north to Rockland
  • Ottawa Valley (Lanark, Renfrew and Frontenac Counties), from Petawawa to Kaladar to Perth area
  • Prescott & Russell, Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Counties (east of Ottawa to the Quebec border)
  • Leeds & Grenville Counties – Below Hwy. 7 & 43 line (Kaladar/Smiths Falls/Kemptville and points south)

Book with us today, receive an instant $150 rebate, and Homesol’s local team of energy savings experts will be there on your schedule to do a full top-to-bottom inspection of your home. We will identify all your hidden energy leaks, discover where you need insulation, recommend replacements for tired mechanical equipment, have a look at your windows and doors and appliances and lighting, and within two weeks will provide you with a fully detailed, building science-based EnerGuide home energy report. We’ll show you how to reduce your bills and increase your comfort, and even provide a new consumption-based EnerGuide Rating Label for your home (did you know all homes in Ontario will soon need an EnerGuide Rating for resale?).

What have you got to lose but your high energy bills?

To qualify for HEC incentives from Homesol, you simply need to:

  • Own a detached, attached, or mobile home (stacked apartment units currently don’t qualify). 
    • Does not need to be your primary residence; cottages and rental properties are included.
  • Heat your home with oil, gas, propane, electricity or wood.
  • Book a first Homesol energy assessment, get an instant $150 rebate. 
  • Complete at least two upgrades, try to save at least 15% on your energy bills
    • It’s easy, your customized home energy report shows you how!
  • Book a follow-up Homesol energy assessment, and get $350 back, covering the whole cost of your energy assessments, so your EnerGuide rating label and prioritized, long-term home energy report are all essentially FREE.
  • Receive an upgraded EnerGuide Rating Label, and if you’ve saved over 15%, get a cheque for at least another $1,100! 
    • Plus qualify for up to $4,930 more in electrical savings incentives!

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For additional program details, to book with a real person, or if you would like to confirm if your postal code qualifies, please call Homesol toll-free at 844-782-0660.

All competing Ontario Home Energy Conservation Program Service Organizations and Energy Advisors charge the same amount and will get you the same grants, so why not work with the best?

Home energy efficiency has been our core business, not a sideline, since 1999. Go with experience! We’ve completed more than 20,000 home energy evaluations, and all our Certified Energy Advisors are fully trained and insured Homesol employees, never “piecework subcontractors”. Homesol is a socially and environmentally responsible local family business and Certified B Corp.

RECEIVE A TOTAL OF $500 TOWARDS BOTH ENERGY ASSESSMENTS, PLUS A MINIMUM OF $1,100 if you achieve 15% energy savings

  • $150 immediate discount on your first pre-energy audit
  • $350 covering the remaining cost of your energy audits (not including HST), after completing 2 recommended upgrades and final post-energy audit
  • $1,100 towards the cost of your home energy upgrades – after your second energy audit proving you achieved a MINIMUM of 15% in energy savings
  • A chance to qualify for additional electric incentives
  • You will receive a cheque for $1,450 or more ($350 + $1,100 + your electric incentives)
  • Additional electrical incentives:
  • $400 for installing an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Central Air Conditioning System (SEER 15 and EER 12.5)
  • $250 for installing a High-Efficiency Furnace equipped with an Electronically Communicated Motor (ECM)
  • $25 for installing an ENERGY STAR® Window Air Conditioner
  • $75 for installing an ENERGY STAR® Refrigerator
  • $75 for installing an ENERGY STAR® Freezer
  • $30 for installing an ENERGY STAR® Dehumidifier
  • $75 for installing an ENERGY STAR® Clothes Washer
  • $1,000 for installing a Ductless ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) – Single Head, Electric Baseboard
  • $1,250 for installing a Ducted ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump), Central Furnace
  • $1,500 for installing a Ductless ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) – Cold Climate Single Head
  • Up to $3,000 for installing a Ductless ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) – Multiple Head, Electric Baseboard ($1,250 for one exterior unit and the first two interior units plus $250 for each additional interior unit attached to the same exterior unit, up to a maximum of $3,000)
  • Up to $4,000 for installing a Ductless ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) – Cold Climate Multiple Head ($1,900 for one exterior unit and the first two interior units plus $400 for each additional interior unit attached to the same exterior unit up to a maximum of $4,000)
  • $4,000 for installing a Ducted ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump), Cold Climate, Central Furnace

Your Homesol Home Energy Report includes:

Homeowner Information Sheet*

  • How the rating is calculated
  • Your home’s building envelope characteristics
  • Your home’s mechanical component details
  • Key terms and concepts related to your home’s energy performance
  • Information on the next step to improving your home’s energy performance

Renovation Upgrade Report*

A detailed, customized roadmap showing recommendations for improving your home’s energy performance. Information includes:

  • Your energy action roadmap
  • Your rating before and after upgrades
  • A list of recommended upgrades and energy saving results
  • Upgrade details
  • Customized comments by your energy advisor
  • Before and after charts showing heat loss by building component and a breakdown of energy use

*Text above blatantly plagiarized from NRCan’s website

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