Home Energy Assessment Rebate


Home Energy Assessment Rebate – Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

The Home Energy Assessment rebate for multi-unit residential buildings. To qualify, the building must have between 2 and 6 units. The property owner/landlord is responsible for signing all the forms, receiving the Renovation Upgrade Report, and the rebate cheque will be issued to them. Tenants must also be notified of the assessment. Rebates received apply to the building as a whole, not per unit, and there is no rebate cap for MURBs (rebate is capped at $5,000 for other housing types). The upgrades covered are the same as the Single Family Homes Program, but the upgrades are available to qualifying multi-unit residential buildings.

Upgrades available:

    • Ceiling insulation
    • Foundation insulation
    • Exterior wall insulation
    • Heat pumps
    • Wood/pellet burning equipment
    • Solar equipment
    • Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) System
    • Other upgrades

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