What’s going on behind your walls?

Thermography services from HomesolDetecting thermal patterns that are invisible to the naked eye, Homesol’s professionally-trained infrared thermographers are able to pinpoint heat and moisture problems, including finding gaps in your insulation or hidden air and water leaks.

The cost of a low-resolution infrared camera has come down so low that just about anyone can claim to provide you with thermal imaging, but professional thermographers know accurate thermal scans need a minimum 5C difference between inside and outside for air leakage diagnostics, and 10C for thermal envelope scans, and should consider sun, wind and precipitation. Thermography is not a point-and-shoot application.

Homesol’s thermographers use professional level high-resolution infrared cameras, not cheap toys, and are trained building thermal imaging specialists.

When you need accurate thermography, call Homesol.

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