What’s going on behind your walls?

Detecting thermal patterns that are invisible to the naked eye, Homesol’s professionally-trained infrared thermographers are able to pinpoint heat and moisture problems, including finding gaps in your insulation or hidden air and water leaks.

These days, the cost of a cheap infrared camera has come down so low just about anyone can claim to provide you with thermal imaging, but true professionals know the time of day, the time of year, the weather and where the sun shines significantly limits when highly accurate thermography can be done.

For these reasons it’s important to first decide if what you need is simply a thermal diagnostic scan to help find air leaks and insulation voids, or whether you need a Level 2 Thermography Report.

We can provide thermal scans with most evaluations on request, but accurate professional thermography is usually only performed from Nov. 1 – Apr. 30, and needs to be carefully scheduled in accordance with sun angles, temperature differences, wind and precipitation.

Homesol’s thermographers use professional level high-resolution infrared cameras, and are fully trained building thermal imaging specialists.

When you need accurate thermography, call Homesol.