ReGreen LEED Retrofit

Are you looking for comprehensive solutions to greening an existing home?

Following the ReGreen Guidelines will help reduce the environmental impact of your next remodeling project. Created by the American Society of Interior Designers and U.S. Green Building Council, ReGreen considers all aspects of your renovation: energy, water, materials, emissions and indoor air quality.

It’s like LEED for retrofits!

How Homesol Can Help

We’re LEED consultants with hands-on building and renovating experience who can help you avoid pitfalls and ensure your success. We’ll work with you to select and align your “green team” and integrate your design ideas with your sustainability goals. We’ll complete all the checklists, collect accountability forms from your trades and professionals, provide you with before & after energy modeling and air leakage testing, assist with materials, insulation and systems specifications, and identify the best paths forward for a more cost-effective, sustainable renovation. We’ll help you create a more Earth-friendly home for your family and future generations.

For more information on ReGreen, please give us a call today.

Click here for complete Regreen Guidelines

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