EnerPHit Passive House Retrofit

Would you like to slash your current home’s heating bills by over 75%?

Passive House for existing buildings is possible!

Compared to starting from scratch, there are certainly more challenges when retrofitting existing buildings to Passive House levels of energy efficiency.

For example, most existing homes do not have the best orientation and shading for optimal solar gains, or may not have the option to thicken the walls for insulation by 100-400mm due to limitations of interior room dimensions or the set-backs to lot lines. Foundations and headers are harder to deal with. Existing houses are also more challenging to air seal than new construction.

EnerPHit recognizes these limitations, and allows for relaxed certification requirements for space heat demand and air leakage, yet without compromising the highest energy retrofit standard in the world.

How Homesol Can Help

Count on Homesol’s Certified Passive House Consultants to help you every step of the way, from initial feasibility studies through to final certification. We follow the same rigorous process as our new-construction Certified Passive House service, integrating your real-world conditions and design limitations into a successful EnerPHit retrofit project.

For more information on EnerPHit, please give us a call today.

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