Air Leakage Testing

Every home should be blower door tested for air leakage, otherwise you’re just guessing about the integrity of your air barrier. Undetected gaps, cracks and holes can have a significant impact on home heating costs while increasing the risk of expensive and unhealthy moisture and mold problems.

Homesol uses blower door equipment to test for air leakage, as well as high-resolution infrared thermography and whole-house theatrical smoke for air leakage diagnostics. We know where to look for holes. If a house leaks air, we find out how much, we find out where and we find out why, then we provide air sealing solutions on the spot.

Testing the continuous air barrier system should be an integral part of every durable and energy efficient building project. Call Homesol’s residential energy design specialists today.

NEW for the 2107 Ontario Building Code: a Homesol air leakage report will SAVE YOU MONEY in minimum Code compliance costs, and help you avoid expensive comfort and moisture issues in new construction! See Permitted Substitutions for Airtight Dwelling Units [pdf] for details.

What is ‘blower door’ testing?

I couldn’t resist including this very old video from the early 80s that helps explain how a blower door works, it is indeed the REAL James Brown!

And while we’re sharing old blower door videos with you, here’s a gem from 1988, starring the Minneapolis blower door guru Gary Nelson rapping on roller skates!

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