Over 90% of all buildings in 2030 have already been built. Existing residential buildings can be renovated and retrofitted to be as sustainable and energy efficient as a new home, but the path ahead is fraught with costs, pitfalls and potential disasters. Your home is your most valuable asset, trust Homesol to guide you to success.

The following are the main services offered by Homesol for existing homes and buildings:

Home Energy Assessments

Air Leakage Testing


EnerPHit Passive House Retrofit

ReGreen LEED Retrofits

Deep Energy Retrofits

Compare. There’s really no comparison.

We’re trained home energy savings specialists and qualified consultants for ENERGY STAR, R-2000, Net-Zero, LEED and Passive House.

We’ve specialized in energy conservation and green building for more than 35 years, have built and renovated dozens of homes, and have delivered over 20,000 energy evaluations since 1999.

We are a fully unbiased and independent consulting business. We don’t receive grants, kickbacks or non-profit tax status, and we don’t sell or endorse any products or services.

Our staff of full-time Certified Energy Advisors are true building science professionals engaged in continuous learning, not piecework subcontractors. We always stay ahead of the curve so we’ll never lead you astray.

We carry $2M in professional liability insurance, and are covered against job-site injuries.

For the best value and know-how in the business, count on Homesol’s team of experts.