Enhanced Energy Savings Program For Your Home


Enhanced Energy Savings Program

Is your household income less than $70,000 per year?

You may be eligible for free energy efficiency upgrades to help reduce your home energy use and costs.

Are you Eligible?

The Enhanced Energy Savings Program targets homes in need of energy efficiency upgrades, especially those needing insulation and air sealing. These upgrades will help New Brunswick homeowners with an annual combined gross household income under $70,000, reduce their energy use and costs.

The program has been expanded to include customers who heat their home exclusively with oil and have an annual combined gross household income under $70,000. The former Low Income Energy Savings Program has been enhanced to reach even more New Brunswickers.

Benefits & Savings

The Enhanced Energy Savings Program will assist homeowners in New Brunswick to reduce their energy consumption and energy costs through targeted energy efficiency retrofits. Upgrades will be offered to the homeowner free of charge and will be completed by a Contractor selected by NB Power.

Upgrades could include the addition of basement, attic and wall insulation, ventilation for air quality or humidity issues and mini-split heat pumps for efficient heating and cooling.

Whether it’s drafty windows and doors, a cold basement, or a chilly attic, the Enhanced Energy Savings Program can help lower monthly energy costs with free efficiency upgrade.

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Total Home Energy Savings Program

Renovating your home?

Earn incentives when you make energy-saving renovations. Upgrading windows, insulation & heating can all be eligible.

Are you Eligible?

If you own a home, our Total Home Energy Savings Program is for you. The program offers incentives for reducing your energy use throughout your home, from the basement to the attic. It all starts with your initial Home Energy Evaluation by a Certified Energy Advisor. They’re like a fitness coach for you home that identifies where your home needs upgrades.

Receive financial incentives when you complete recommended energy-saving upgrades. Upgrading doors, insulation, heating source or windows can all be eligible. Get ready to save energy, and money.

Benefits & Savings

When you take part in our Total Home Program, you’ll save money on your upgrades, and enjoy long-term savings on your energy bill. Start with your home energy evaluation to get clear, measurable ways to save energy. Then, receive up to thousands of dollars in incentives when you make any, or all, of the recommended energy-saving upgrades.

Energy efficiency upgrades can help you save up to 25% on your mortgage insurance premium too. Enjoy lower energy bills and a more comfortable home when you participate. Start counting the savings today.

New Home Energy Savings Program

Building a new home?

Access up to $15,000 in incentives for energy efficiency updates and enjoy added comfort and savings in your new home.

Are you Eligible?

Participation in the New Home Energy Savings Program ensures you are building efficiency into your new home right from the start. Home builders or people having their home built for them can register for the program. It’s simple to get started Complete the online registration before you apply for a building permit. This ensures efficiency upgrades are included in your plans well before construction begins.

Benefits & Savings

When you participate in the New Home Energy Savings Program, you’ll save money on your upgrades and enjoy savings on your energy bill for many years. Plus, you’ll receive an EnerGuide Label. Building with efficiency in mind can help you qualify for mortgage insurance refund programs. The energy-saving measures you perform could help you get 25% back on your mortgage insurance premiums through Canada Mortgage and Housing, Sagem™ or Canada Guaranty.

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