Cozy Colchester


Cozy Colchester

The Cozy Colchester and Solar Colchester programs will be open to the public for our fall relaunch on September 18th, 2023!

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Cozy Colchester

Why should I participate in Cozy Colchester?

Whether you are looking to get off oil with a heat pump, insulate your attic, or complete other renovations to increase the energy efficiency of your home – Cozy Colchester can help you every step of the way.

Not only does the program provide low interest financing to complete these upgrades, it also gives you access to an energy advisor to guide you through the whole process. This includes answering your questions, assisting with obtaining quotes, and ensuring you take advantage of the many provincial and federal rebate programs.

Eligible Projects

Cozy Colchester will support almost any project that saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some examples:


Do you qualify for our Low-Income Administration Fee Exemption?

To better serve low-income residents of Colchester County, the efforts have expanded to make Cozy Colchester and Solar Colchester programs more accessible. The 5% administration fee will be waived for all qualifying households with incomes below the following thresholds:

Household Size

Maximum Net Household Income
(Line 236 of Notice Assessment)
1 person
2 to 4 people
5 or more people

Let’s minimize costs and maximize energy savings, together!

Homeowners eligible for the Low-Income Admin Fee Exemption may also be eligible for free home upgrades through Efficiency Nova Scotia’s HomeWarming program, see here more info, click here

Combine with other Incentives

You could be eligible for federal or provincial rebates to support your project! Ask your energy advisor to help you access available incentives, such as:

Greener Homes:

HomeWarming (for low-income households):

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Grant (for low- to median-income households): 

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