R-2000 Certification

R-2000 certification consultantsImagine a new home that uses less than half the energy, with lower cost of ownership than a standard Code-built home. R-2000 homes don’t look any different, but they deliver premium comfort, health and environmental benefits: A winning combination for your buyers!

R-2000 hits the perfect cost-of-ownership “sweet spot” between increased construction cost (3% – 6% above Code) and optimized energy efficiency (>50% better than Code), giving buyers the best return on their energy-savings investment. R-2000 Certification is also the launching point for Net-Zero Ready homes, making today’s R-2000 truly “future-proof”!

As a Licensed R-2000 Builder, backed by Homesol’s third-party quality assurance process, R-2000 Certification will help you integrate cutting-edge energy efficiency and air tightness standards into your homes in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Homesol is one of the most experienced R-2000 providers in Canada, with our roots back to the very first R-2000 Builder Training course in 1983. Our R-2000 consulting and practical construction expertise are your assurance of success. Virtually any size and design of residential building, even deep-energy retrofits, can be R-2000 Certified.

For more details on participating in Canada’s own best-in-class building performance standard, please give Homesol a call today.


How Homesol Can Help

Home Builders

If you are already a Licensed R-2000 Builder, call us before you break ground on your next project. Homesol will provide an energy model of your proposed design, optimize your thermal assemblies to meet the Standard, and help you customize your energy upgrades to suit your own building preferences. Then we’ll work with you from foundation to final inspection, ensuring your next home successfully achieves R-2000 Certification.

If you are not yet a qualified R-2000 builder and would like to build your first R-2000 home, Homesol is a Licensed Service Organization, authorized by NRCan to train you to become a Licensed R-2000 Builder, following which our Certified Energy Evaluators will ease you painlessly through the design and construction of your first R-2000 Demonstration Home.

Home Buyers

Let’s do the math. If you’re a forward-thinking homebuyer aspiring to a lower carbon footprint, this is the new home you’ve been waiting for.

First Month Energy Savings from R-2000 (50%), $125
Monthly Extra Mortgage Payment for R-2000 Upgrade, $62
Net Benefit in First Month of R-2000 Ownership, $63 ($2.07 / day)
Total Net Benefit, 15 years from Purchase Date, $11,280
Total Net Benefit, 30 years from Purchase Date, $38,711

This example assumes:

  • 1% annual fuel cost escalation above inflation
  • $250 / month baseline energy costs
  • 3% mortgage w/ 20% down payment
  • 25 year amortization
  • 4% construction cost increase above Code
  • $410,000 base house cost

Results will vary based on design, weather, occupancy and fuel costs.

And if you feel you just can’t afford the higher mortgage right now, maybe could you pay the same sticker price but shave 100 square feet off your floor plan in exchange for slicing your energy bills in half? As an added bonus, a smaller R-2000 house uses even less energy!

Size / efficiency
2600 SF/ Code-built
2600 SF / R-2000
2500 SF / R-2000
Sticker Price
$ per SF

The choice is clear: If you’re buying a new home, ask your builder for R-2000 Certification, the “better-built home”!

Background on R-2000

For more information on the R-2000 Certification Program, see the Natural Resources Canada R-2000 information site.

Sample Certificate

Sample R2000 Certificate
Sample R2000 Certificate
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