Natural Buildings

Strawbale building
Homesol’s original strawbale office, designed by the maple trees, built by Kat & Ross in 2005

Do your home building dreams include straw, clay or earth? Are your walls baled, plastered or rammed?

Maybe your floors will be cork, bamboo, linoleum or stained fly-ash concrete, your paints, adhesives and cabinetry non-toxic, your insulation from sheep, mushrooms or shredded newspapers. Perhaps you plan to use locally-milled wood and recycled steel, stone, tile and other naturally durable materials.

Do you want to integrate tradition, beauty, comfort and function into a carbon-sequestering home that nurtures life, engages the senses and encourages health, in tune with the cycles of the earth and sun? Are you inspired by Lloyd Kahn and Mike Reynolds?

If so, then you may be a natural builder.

How Homesol Can Help

Homesol has hands-on experience with many alternative building technologies and energy systems. We help our clients choose their path wisely and avoid costly building science blunders, while maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing unnecessary costs.

If your dreams include a resilient and adaptive natural building, give us a call and learn more about how we can work together.

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