Living Building Challenge

Living Building Challenge logoAt the highest pinnacle of transformative environmental building performance standards, Living Building Challenge starts where LEED Platinum, Net-Zero Energy and Passive House leave off, and then goes far beyond, delivering regenerative, resilient buildings in symbiotic relationships with the Earth and their surrounding communities.

Living Building Challenge is based on imperatives, not options or points, and requires proof of performance, not models and theories. A truly integrated and holistic design process is required to consider all the variables, including:

  • Limits to growth
  • Urban agriculture
  • Habitat exchange
  • Human powered living
  • Net positive water
  • Ecological water flow
  • Net positive energy
  • Civilized environment
  • Healthy interior environment
  • Biophilic environment
  • Red list (banned materials)
  • Embodied carbon footprint
  • Responsible industry
  • Living economy sourcing
  • Net positive waste
  • Human scale + humane places
  • Universal access to nature and place
  • Rights to nature
  • Beauty + spirit
  • Inspiration + education

Success with Living Building Challenge requires a fully cooperative, communicative cross-disciplinary design and construction team, with a central consulting hub that holds it all together. Homesol’s sustainable building consulting team will deliver the expertise you need to comply with and compile all the requirements, and help ensure you meet the challenge.

How Homesol Can Help

Give us a call to find out more about how Homesol can help you achieve your vision for a living building.

Background on Living Building Challenge

More information about Living Building Challenge can be found by downloading this web-optimized PDF.

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