ENERGY STAR for New Homes

ENERGY STAR guidance in Eastern Ontario from HomesolOne of the world’s most widely recognized brands, your buyers trust that the blue ENERGY STAR® symbol stands for quality-assured energy savings. ENERGY STAR for New Homes® units are typically 20%-25% more energy efficient than those built to the Ontario Building Code, with greater comfort and indoor air quality.

As an ENERGY STAR builder, you’re a recognized market leader who’s ahead of the energy-savings learning curve. You build better-than-Code homes (and we can prove it to your buyers). Homesol’s team of Certified Energy Evaluators will help you deliver cost-effective third-party verified and labeled energy-efficient buildings your buyers can believe in, and we do it for you quickly and easily, and at a surprisingly low cost.

ENERGY STAR upgrades include better windows, insulation, airtightness, lighting and mechanical systems, but only add about 1% to the cost of a standard home. Slightly higher mortgage payments are easily offset by lower monthly energy bills, which means premium ENERGY STAR homes actually cost buyers less to own overall, with higher resale value too! Why would anyone settle for less?

We’ve been working with Homesol for 3 years now since the opening of our new project in Findlay By The Park. They have always been very professional and accommodating to get us started in Energy Star and more than flexible to find solutions to problems, meetings and testing schedules.

Yvon Gonthier, T.P., Maisons LEMAY Homes

How Homesol Can Help

All of your Part 9 residential buildings can qualify for an ENERGY STAR label, from singles to apartment blocks (max. 3 1/2 stories above grade, 6,000 SF footprint between fire separations).

Homesol labeled the very first ENERGY STAR home in Canada in 2005, and our experience working with professional builders like you is second to none. Direct-to-builder cash incentives and marketing assistance are also available to ENERGY STAR builders. For your best success with ENERGY STAR, connect with Homesol today!

Why choose an ENERGY STAR qualified home?

Sample certificate

Sample certificate for ENERGY STAR
Sample certificate for ENERGY STAR

ENERGY STAR is a registered trademark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The ENERGY STAR® mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada.

Cost Saving Illustration

First Year Energy Savings from ENERGY STAR (20%) $600
Annual Extra Mortgage Payment $230
Net Cash Savings, First Year of ENERGY STAR Ownership $370 ($1.02 per day)
Total Net Savings, 15 years from Purchase Date $4,978
Total Net Savings, 30 years from Purchase Date $16,568

The most cheaply built home currently allowed by law (the 2012 Code) actually costs a dollar a day more to own than a Certified Energy Star home, and is also worth less on resale. A  better-built ENERGY STAR home saves buyers money from day 1, and is simply the smart choice. Actual results will vary based on size, design, weather, occupancy and fuel costs.

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