Modeling, Ratings, Design Summaries & Code Compliance

You need accurate energy modeling, ratings and heat loss / heat gain calculations. Your building department requires Design Summaries and HVAC sizing for your permit application. You need special documentation due to glazing ratios or atypical assemblies. Or perhaps you just want to get creative with building innovations that go beyond Code. How can you optimize your design for best results? Where can you find the consulting expertise you need, with fast turn-around time and accurate answers?

Homesol is your best choice for:

  • Residential or small commercial Building Code compliance
  • HVAC, hot water, solar thermal or PV design calculations
  • Assemblies and systems cost/benefit comparisons
  • Shading, thermal bridge and hygrothermal analysis
  • Operating cost projections and long-term savings

Once we’ve modeled your building with the appropriate software, we can “virtually” change insulations, try out different window types and sizes, or help you decide on mechanical systems. We can determine hydronic or forced air distribution requirements for heating, cooling and ventilating every room. We can rotate, flip or relocate your building to another climate, and add or subtract trees, overhangs, shading devices and thermal mass to maximize passive solar gain yet still control overheating. Whatever your energy modeling needs, Homesol delivers.

Homesol provides EnerGuide Ratings, SB-12 Energy Efficiency Design Summaries, Mechanical Ventilation Design Summaries, and F-280-12 heat loss / heat gain calculations for permit applications under the Building Code. We have a current BCIN Designer number, are NRCan-Certified Energy Advisors, and are HRAI-certified design technicians for air and hydronic systems (RASDT /RRHDT).

How Homesol Can Help

You can count on our numbers for accuracy. Energy modeling, ratings and calculations by Homesol give you the right answers. Give us a call today.

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