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Ottawa, Ontario

The Grey Residence

Passive House by The Conscious Builder

Casey Grey, the Founder of The Conscious Builder designed his home to be with Christ Straka from Vert Design and had the air-tightness testing and labelling provided by Homesol Building Solutions. This absolutely beautiful home is a fully passive house has Themotec windows installed making the winters warm and the summers cool.

The house is also very air tight, with an ACH of just 0.54. It includes a Mitsubishi Air-Source Heat Pump, which is partial powered by the 10 KW solar panel system on the roof (installed after pictures were taken) meaning there is no need for a gas line to the house. This house is a staple of everything that The Conscious Builder stands by, to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and our reporting proved just that.


Label/Certification: – Certified Passive House Institute

Heating Load: 12 W/m2
Location: Ottawa, ON
Cooling Demand: 3 kWh/(m2a)
Year Completed: 2016
EnerGuide Rating: –

Designer/Architect: Chris Straka, Vert Design

Airtightness: 0.54 ACH
Slab: R-30
Above Grade Walls: R-65
Above Grade Floor Area: 2,891 ft2
Below Grade Walls: R-45
Below Grade Floor Area: 1265 ft2
Ceiling: R-80
Heat Demand: 13 kWh/(m2a)
Ventilation: Air Pohoda

Windows: Thermotec

Heating/Cooling: Mitsubishi ccASHP

Hot Water: AO Smith PHPT 80 102

Renewables: 10 kW array
AeroBarrier: –

Drain Water Heat Recovery: AO Smith PHPT 80 102


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