Canada Greener Homes Loan


Canada Greener Homes Loan

The Canada Greener Homes Loan offers interest-free financing to help Canadians make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable.

The loan can help you finance eligible retrofits that are recommended by an energy advisor and that have not yet been started.

IMPORTANT: You should not start any retrofit work before your loan application has been submitted. Any retrofits started before submitting your loan application are ineligible.

Loan details

Maximum: $40,000 Minimum: $5,000 Repayment term: 10 years, interest-free Loan type: Unsecured personal loan on approved credit A maximum of one loan is available per eligible property and homeowner. The maximum eligible loan amount is calculated based on the retrofits selected in the application and the quotes for this work. The eligible amount is capped based on industry standards and market norms. The maximum eligible loan amount may be less than your quoted cost, in which case you will be responsible for funding any difference. Once approved, a portion of the loan can be delivered up front to assist in paying any deposits required by your contractor. The balance of the loan will be delivered after the retrofits have been completed and verified through a post-retrofit evaluation.

You cannot apply for a loan for the following:


There are some eligibility requirements to meet before applying for the loan:

  • You must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or non-permanent resident who is legally authorized to work in Canada
  • You must own the home and it must be your primary residence
  • You have a pre-retrofit evaluation and have not yet had a post-retrofit evaluation
  • Your pre-retrofit evaluation was completed on or after April 1, 2020
  • You have not started the retrofits for which you are seeking a loan
  • You have a good credit history and are not in:
    • a consumer proposal
    • an orderly payment of debt program
    • a bankruptcy or equivalent insolvency proceeding

Individual homeowners living in a low-rise multi-unit residential building (MURB) must meet the additional eligibility criteria for MURBs.

  • You are eligible to register multiple homes
  • You must own the home(s) or have a formal partnership to represent the owners, but the homes do not need to be the owner’s primary residence
  • Your home must be occupied by an Indigenous household
  • You must select at least one eligible retrofit for each property subject to the loan

Canadians living in northern and off-grid communities face specific challenges when it comes to completing home retrofits, including higher equipment and labour costs. To help with this, all retrofit amounts have been adjusted to provide an additional 30% for northern and off-grid communities.

Additionally, homeowners living in northern and off-grid communities are eligible for replacements of existing fossil-fuel burning equipment. Further, homeowners living in a northern community are eligible for additional insulation measures (attic, ceiling, and exposed floor insulation).

Loan application tips:

Upfront costs

Once approved, up to 15%* of the loan can be delivered up front if a deposit is required by your contractor. The initial advance is only available for retrofits that require a deposit. The balance of the loan will be delivered once the retrofits have been completed and verified through a post-retrofit evaluation.

You can request the initial advance during your application by uploading the quotes from contractors and entering the deposit amounts required to do the retrofit.

*The initial advance is increased to 25% if your property is located in the North or off-grid.


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