New Home Construction (PEI)

Program for New Homes in PEI

Homesol AtlanticIf you’re building a new home, we can help make it more energy efficient and comfortable.

Are you building a new home and want to make sure it will be energy efficient and low-cost to operate, but still want it to be comfortable to live in? Book online now for a New Home Construction Energy Assessment – we can help make sure yours is a comfy home, while at the same time keeping those energy bills low. All this can be assured before you even break ground!

If you live in PEI we can provide a New Home Construction Energy Assessment for the low cost of only $99! Not only that, but homes that are built with energy efficiency in mind will be eligible for rebates of up to $5,000!

For $99, a Certified Energy Advisor will review your building plans and provide you with customized recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your design – and reach the target you need to be eligible for incentives. Book online now to take a big step in the right direction with your new home.

Rebates amounts depend on how efficient your new home is going to be. You can pursue ENERGY STAR or R-2000 certification, or have your home rated using the EnerGuide rating system. The certification or rating achieved will define your incentive:

$2,000 Rebate

20% better than code

$5,000 Rebate

R2000, or
50% better than code

New Homes FAQs

To be eligible for the New Homes Rebate Program you have to apply within 30 days of receiving your building permit .*

* Other eligibility requirements may apply.

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