FAQs for New Homes (Atlantic)

Is My Home Eligible for the $99 cost and rebates or financing?

Homesol AtlanticTo be eligible your new home must be:

  • Located in Nova Scotia
  • Registered before or within 30 days of a building permit *
  • Electrically heated

*If the home is past this point but the framing has not yet installed you may still qualify, call us for details.

Can I still have a New Home Construction Assessment done if my home is not going to be electrically heated?

Yes! You can still get the benefit of having one of our highly trained energy Advisors assess your plans and give you valuable information on how your home will use energy and how to make it more energy efficient, saving you money year after year! You can also get the benefit of having it certified as an ENERGY STAR or R2000 home. Call us or book online for pricing and availability.

What is a New Home Energy Assessment?

An energy assessment is a detailed evaluation of your new home construction plans to determine its projected energy consumption, taking into account both how efficient the mechanical systems of the house will be at producing heat and how well your home will be able to keep that heat inside. We also provide you with a detailed list of how you can reduce your energy consumption and make your house cozier, while saving you money.

How does a New Home Construction Energy Assessment work?

Once you call and register your new build, one of our certified and highly trained energy advisors will take a copy of your building plans, along with details of the mechanical systems you or your builder plan on installing and they will conduct an initial evaluation.

Within 2 weeks of receiving all the information they need, you will receive a detailed report from your evaluator that shows how your new home will use energy, they will also give recommendations on how to increase your EnerGuide rating and/or reach ENERGY STAR or R2000 certification to reduce your energy usage, make your home more comfortable, more environmentally friendly and less expensive to operate. From this list you and your builder will then choose which upgrades you want to do and what rating or certification you want to reach and build accordingly. If you are enrolled in the Efficiency Nova Scotia New Home Construction Energy Assessment Program, you will have up to 12 months from the day of the date of registration to build the house accordingly. (Extensions can be granted on a case-by-case basis.)

Once you have completed the build and all the mechanical systems are in place and working, call or email Homesol to schedule a site visit. At the site visit the Energy Advisor will check to ensure the home was built the same as the plans provided and will look at all mechanical systems and any upgrades that were incorporated in the build. They will then conduct a blower door test and measure air leakage. This is done by hooking a large fan to one of the doors of the home and pulling some of the air out of the house, this will cause air to enter the home from any little holes or gaps around the envelope of the home. The evaluator will then use thermal imaging technology to scan around the home for signs of any air leaks, they will point these areas out to you and let you know how to reduce this leakage.

They will then provide you with a follow up report, EnerGuide label and ENERGY STAR or R2000 certificate, if applicable. These will show off how energy efficient your home is compared to others of the same age and size. If you are eligible for rebates through the Efficiency Nova Scotia New Home Construction Program, your evaluator will apply for these rebates on your behalf.

For more information or to book an appointment call 1-855-489-5305. You can also book online today!

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