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Access Rebates

Since 2003 Access Rebates has specialized in helping Canadians with Housing Rebate programs. Access Rebates unlocks government funding for custom-built homes and substantial renovations.

Current Programs

Tax-free government housing rebates are retroactive 2 years from the date of occupancy and are available for:

  • Custom Build Homes where the homeowner has purchased land to build

  • Custom Build Homes where the homeowner has torn down to build

  • Substantial Renovations to your home

  • Substantial Renovations to your condominium
  • Substantially renovating your existing Home (up to $24,000)

  • Substantially renovating your existing Condominium (up to $24,000)

  • Building a Custom Home (up to $24,000)

  • Building additions to existing homes (up to $24,000)

  • Moving out of your home during construction (up to $2,000)

  • Energy-efficient upgrades including boilers, furnaces, air conditioners, insulation, new windows, and new doors (up to $5,000)
  • Flooding prevention upgrades including adding sump pumps, sewer backup valves, and weeping tiles (up to $8,000)

Housing HST Rebate

Since 2003 Access Rebates has specialized in Investment Property Rebates, HST Rebates, Home Renovation & Condo Renovation Rebates and Government Grants, Subsidies, Tax Credit, Refunds and Rebates for the individual. Learn more about their Housing HST Rebate!

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