Sales & Networking Jedi, CEA

Kathryn ElliottKathryn has been a Certified Energy Advisor for existing homes since 1999, and for new homes since the start of the ENERGY STAR program in 2005. She has provided thousands of energy evaluations, site inspections and air leakage testing services for builders and homeowners throughout Eastern Ontario.

Since starting Homesol with her husband Ross almost two decades ago, her experience with high-performance residential buildings includes renovating their 1930 farmhouse into an award-winning (EnerQuality Green Renovation Project of the Year 2016) LEED Gold, R-2000, GreenHouse Certified, Net Zero Ready home which uses 1/4 of the heating and cooling energy of a new home built to the Ontario Building Code. A 10kW PV array will soon provide more energy than the house needs each year, with the excess charging the electric car. Her permaculture-based 5 acre homestead includes a 300-tap maple bush, organic gardens and fruit trees, where she also helped build a 1,000 SF strawbale guest studio and a unique 2,000 SF soap-bubble insulated and shaded greenhouse.

Kathryn’s strong commitment to energy conservation and the environment comes from the heart. She’s an organic grower with a B.A. in International Development and a Diploma in Horticulture, and spent five years as a CUSO development worker in Papua New Guinea and Jamaica.