Chad Blakney


Chad BlakneyFollowing obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Chad Blakney followed his passion and secured employment as an energy advisor.

For over ten years Chad has advised clients in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia teaching them how to make their homes more energy efficient, save on their heating bills and be more environmentally friendly.

Chad is a certified energy advisor who has completed over 1500 initial ā€œDā€ evaluations and 1200 post retrofit ā€œEā€ evaluations. He is also a certified multi-unit residential energy evaluator, certified level I thermographer, certified new home evaluator, and a certified new multi-unit residential energy evaluator.

Recently, Chad has also successfully completed a home inspection course in Tennessee. Educating his clients with energy efficiency is Chads passion and to be appreciated for helping others is truly rewarding.

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