Brent Crawford


Brent CrawfordBrent Crawford graduated from the University of New Brunswick with an Electrical Engineering Degree and a diploma in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship. He gained an interest in energy efficiency and sustainability while working on a project designing a renewable energy grid for a remote community in northern Canada.

After graduating, his interests lead him to become an energy advisor and for the past ten years he has helped well over 2500 home owners and builders in Atlantic Canada save money by reducing their energy consumption, and in turn, their carbon footprint on the world. He has also used his knowledge and skills to mentor and help train new advisors to the field.

Brent is a certified energy advisor for existing homes, new homes, multi-unit residential buildings and he has completed the Certified Energy Managers Course for commercial buildings. Brent has also been trained as a qualified home inspector and has inspected over 1500 homes in Nova Scotia, bringing piece of mind to his clients.

Brent has called Nova Scotia home for nearly a decade and loves helping homeowners and builders realize the benefits of energy efficiency, while also helping this province become a greener place, one home at a time.

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