State-of-home requirements

In order for a home to be eligible for an EnerGuide rating, please be sure these conditions are met before booking your evaluation:

Mechanical systems
Required mechanical systems must be on site at the time of the evaluation. The space heating system must be present and appear to be (or have been in the case of heating system failure) capable of keeping the interior living space at 21 °C (69.8 °F) in the winter.

Windows, doors and skylights
Windows, exterior doors and skylights must be installed and intact. A maximum of one window, exterior door or skylight can be missing provided the opening is temporarily air sealed in accordance with the airtightness test. Any broken glazing shall be air sealed for the duration of the airtightness test.

Building envelope
The building envelope must be in a suitable condition for an airtightness test. Exposed ceilings, exterior walls and exposed floors, including the interior finish, windows, doors and skylights, and foundations must be intact. Exterior finishes not intended to be a component of the air barrier system do not need to be complete where the validity of the airtightness test is not compromised.

Any renovations that are under way at the time of the Basic Service can affect only interior partitions and must not alter the building envelope. In exceptional circumstances the air leakage may be assumed based on the year and condition of the house, but subsequent air sealing would not qualify for any incentives.

Electrical power source
There must be a 15 amp, 120 volt (3 prong) alternating current (AC) power source and receptacle available to operate the blower door test equipment. This may be a temporary power source, such as a generator.

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