ESNH Builders: Are ES furnace changes affecting your new homes?

By Abbie Coates, Building Performance Specialist

It’s recently come to our attention that some furnace manufactures have discontinued having their units ENERGY STAR-qualified. This poses some concern for homes enrolled in the ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) program, as an ENERGY STAR-qualified furnace may be required for certification.

Here’s a summary of the ESNH requirements for furnaces:

ESNH – version 2011 (which will end in November 2014)
Min efficiency 92% AFUE ENERGY STAR-qualified, and

ECM motors qualify for an Electrical Savings Credit

ESNH – version 12 (known as the 2012 version)

Min efficiency 95% AFUE and either:
1) ENERGY STAR-qualified, or
2) With furnace fan efficiency ≤ 2.0%

ENERGY STAR-qualified furnaces are listed on this website:

(NB: this is a US website, so be sure to check off the ‘Canadian’ options.)

A list of furnace specs is available here, but ENERGY STAR information is not provided):

Please feel free to contact us if your ENERGY STAR homes have been impacted by this change, and we’ll help you get it corrected so you can continue to build cost-effective, high-value ENERGY STAR homes!

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